The adventure began in 2016, when Louis convinced Marguerite to leave Paris and to settle down in the countryside, after having shown her the wonders of the Baie de Somme. Enamoured with the region, they decided to create a place for travellers in need of rest and relaxation. Louis had a clear vision of how he wanted to renovate his family home: melding together aesthetics and refinement to create an exceptional home base for his guests.


Le Domaine de la Timonerie has been a family home for three generations.
In 1945, Jean Valentin’s paternal grandfather took over the foundry on site and moved into the brick house, still present on the property today.
The bronze lion, cast by Jean, has become the Timonerie’s emblem.

J-B Valentin was born in the brick house in 1947. In 1970, he took over the family business, which had become a major player of the sanitary equipment market (specifically bathrooms). In each room you will find a shower crafted from family expertise.

After 70 years of production, the Valentin company moved its headquarters to a nearby village and modernized their facilities. The factory on site was torn down, giving way to a large bare field from which the Picardy coast can be seen all along the horizon.
The original buildings and extensions have been completely renovated to create a new space dedicated to the comfort of our guests. The layout and decoration evoke a timeless atmosphere, tinged with art deco, both maritime and tropical.

Louis Valentin, one of the family’s grandchildren, developed a passion for woodworking and boats. In 2016, after studying marine carpentry, sculpture and cabinetmaking, he set up his workshop and began crafting contemporary furniture and small boats on the Domaine de la Timonerie.
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Two years of long renovations, from summer 2018 to summer 2020


“Pen Duick”, our adorable and faithful Blue Picardy Spaniel, will likely come by for a bit of affection during your stay. Please let us know if you have any allergies so that we may take the necessary precautions.